Equine Osteopathy

Horses can obtain imbalances for various reasons, from the demands of their training to simply gallivanting in their fields. As such, osteopathy is often a welcoming helping hand to relieve restriction and tensions whilst also promoting balance and optimal performance.

Osteopathy can help in both maintaining balance, by releasing strain and tension patterns, therefore helping to reduce risk of injury. It can also aid with rehabilitation post injury, by promoting flexibility, mobility and balance.

Osteopathy isn’t just for the competition horse, it is suitable for horses of all levels, disciplines and ages.

Benefits of Osteopathy:

  • Helps to maintain a balanced horse
  • Pain relief
  • Optimising performance
  • Aiding with rehabilitation and recovery post injury
  • Behavioural issues
  • Minimising risk of injury
  • Reducing stiffness in older horses

One of the founding principles of osteopathy is ‘the body is a unit’. Whereby, as an osteopath, the horse is examined and treated as an entity, and not simply the area of concern. The body is a fantastic mechanism of compensation, as such one issue rarely occurs in isolation. This is particularly true in horses, as they are great at masking when they’re stiff, or in discomfort or pain. It is therefore up to us to identify their subtle signs.

Problems that Osteopathy may help resolve

  • Behavioural issues (napping, rearing, bucking, bolting, biting etc)
  • Gait problems (stride length, tracking or toe drag)
  • Hollowing
  • Lack of hindquarter engagement
  • Lack of propulsion
  • Transition difficulties
  • Head tossing / flicking
  • Rein difficulties / imbalances
  • Uneven wearing of shoes / hooves
  • Uneven muscle development
  • Lack of bascule when jumping
  • Sensitivity when being groomed
  • Unexplained lameness or uneven gait
  • Stiffness

Veterinary consent may be required prior to consultation, if your horse is currently under the care of a vet.

This can be obtained simply via email, alternatively you can download and email the below Vet Consent Form to your Vet, where they can sign and email directly to myself.

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